Lab Members

Rita Austin

Rita Austin is a fifth-year PhD student in the Anthropology Department at OU.  She conducts research on ancient dental calculus from museum collections.

rmaustin at

Nihan Dagtas

Nihan is a research technician. She is interested in avian biology, ancient DNA, and laboratory methods.

Karissa Hughes

Karissa Hughes is an undergraduate at OU. She is building a database of ancient translocations to islands.

Kristen Rayfield

Kristen Rayfield is a first-year PhD student in anthropology. She is interested in the oral microbiome and paleopathology.

Robin Singleton

Robin Singleton is a first-year PhD student in anthropology. She is interested in conservation genetics and ancient DNA.

Sterling Wright

Sterling Wright is a Masters student in the Department of Anthropology at OU. He is working on Mesoamerican dental calculus.

Hannah Wellman

Hannah Wellman is a visiting PhD student at the University of Oregon. She is interested in historical ecology of marine mammals.

LaShanda Williams

LaShanda Williams is a PhD student at Rutgers University. She is conducting research on the evolution of the oral microbiome as a visiting student.

Janet Buckner

Dr. Janet Buckner is an NSF Post-doctoral Fellow and a visiting researcher at OU. She is interested in avian phylogenomics.

Husayn Ramji- Alumni

Husayn Ramji graduated from OU in Spring 2018 and is now in medical school at OUHSC. He developed protocols for 3D scanning archaeological material before destructive sampling.

If you are interested in collaborating or studying at LMAMR, please contact us.

Affiliated Students

Sabrina Shirazi, PhD student, University of California, Santa Cruz


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